Foster Homes Needed!

Each dog fostered opens up a kennel for another unwanted or lost pet & keeps us from having to make a dreaded decision.

We are currently seeking short-term foster families for shelter dogs & puppies.

All food & medical care is provided by the shelter, all you provide is the love ♡.

If you can help please contact Susan for more information & to complete an application 336-694-4921.

Help save a life!

Kudos to the Walker Family!

The Walker family did it again! Instead of exchanging Christmas presents with each other, they brought a gift to donate to the Animal Shelter.

Big Thanks to Brian,Gina & Hannah Lunsford, Carson & Kyle Jeffreys, Bill, Karen, Claire & Grace Daniel, Kathryn & Derek Mclamb, Alex Hamerick, Justin Garrett, Steve, Julie & Gwynn Thompson, Victoria Edwards, Caroline & Ronnie Markum!!

Claire, Kathryn, Grace and Derek spent the afternoon walking dogs and playing with cats after bringing in the wonderful donations.

The animals are very blessed to have such wonderful people that care. Thanks Again!

Little extra help for Wyatt

Wyatt came to our Shelter with issues of his rear legs.  He was already neutered and heart worm negative.  We knew that what ever was going on would cost a lot of money to fix.  We reached out to Dr. Quentin Hodges at Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary.

Dr. Hodges has helped us out on many occasions with dogs needing extensive treatment.

Dr. Hodges examined and determined he had Medial Luxating Patellas.  He will be needing two surgery’s.

If you would like to help Wyatt get back up and ready for his new family, please donate directly to Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary, NC for Wyatt’s care. Wyatt will have a wonderful life, pain free.

Many thanks to Dr. Hodges and all the wonderful staff at Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary!!

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic- 3rd Monday of every month

10653564_655180207954797_4888948880838842146_nClinic OPEN to ALL, no residency or income requirements.
Spay/neuter fees: Cats $50 and dogs $65 (extra fee if over 70 lbs). Rabies vaccination $10 if needed. Feral cats $45 for fix and rabies vaccination. Call 336-388-2805 for information or to schedule an appointment.

Please note: Danville and Pittsylvania Virginia residents get a $50 rebate voucher from Danville Area Humane Society and your final cost would also be ZERO!

Surgical Services provided by Humane Society of the Piedmont, Planned Pethood. Call 336-388-2805 to speak with Pat, our volunteer clinic scheduler.

Together we CAN make a Difference!

UPCOMING DATES:  19 March, 16 April, 21 May, 18 June, 16 July, 20 August