Reba makes the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl XVI!

Another Star is Born in Caswell County!

Reba and her seven siblings found their way to the Caswell County Animal Shelter this summer.  Reba, Dolly, Axel and Ozzy, their background story and an amazing video edited by Miss Emma Gunter were submitted to Animal Planet as possible candidates to participate in Puppy Bowl XVI.

From all the entries Animal Planet received only 96 puppies were invited to participate and Reba was one of those lucky pups!  Reba and her North Carolina foster mom made the trip to New York City with Bonnie from Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom (B.A.R.K.), who rescued this litter of puppies.  Reba had way more fun napping through the filming of Puppy Bowl XVI and didn’t get much field time, but it was a great experience for all!

Tail-gating starts with the PUPPY BOWL Pre-Game Show at 2 PM and PUPPY BOWL XVI starts at 3 PM on Sunday, Feb 2nd.

Backstage video from Puppy Bowl XVI!  Reba is on the left in front of the goal post.  She’s thinking about joining in…but decides she would rather nap!  Come on Reba, join in the action!  LOL

Reba back stage

Reba’s adoptive family.

Ready for puppy action!

Check out Reba! 56 seconds into the Puppy Bowl XVI Pre-Game Show Reba “comes out of the tunnel”. You look AWESOME REBA! GO TEAM RUFF! Wahoo! Woof, Woof, Woof!…/full-episodes/puppy-bowl-xvi…

Reba today! What a awesome pup!


There has been a CONFIRMED case of RABIES in the Casville Community of CASWELL COUNTY on Walker Road.  The infected animal was a fox and the body of the fox was transported by the Caswell County Animal Control to the state diagnositic laboratory in Raleigh, NC, and the rabies virus was confirmed positive.  If your pet has not been vaccinated or you are unsure if their vaccine is still up to date please contact your vet ASAP.  All other questions concerning this should be directed to the Caswell County Animal Control office at 336-694-5705.

REMINDER:  APS Caswell Shelter offer rabies vaccination, call to schedule an appointment today!  Cost $10 and the vaccination is good for 1 year.  836 County Home Road Yanceyville, NC 27379 Hours: M, W, Th 8-5pm;T and Fr- 1-5 pm, Sat 10-2pm 336 694 4921

Big Thanks to Vintage Racers for Rescues!!

A huge THANK YOU to Vintage Racers for Rescues for building us a proper animal drop box! Animals brought to the Shelter after hours will have a secure, climate controlled, comfortable area to wait until Shelter staff arrive the next day.

UPDATE: The new animal drop boxes are up and running with warmth, comfort and safety for dogs and cats left after hours. Daniel and Cindy Martin did an AMAZING job building this for us. Huge thanks to Vintage Racers for Rescues, their helpers and supporters!!

Thank you so much Robyn, Cindy and Daniel! You guys ROCK!

Kitten & dog food needed!!

We are currently in need of Gerber baby food for all the kittens currently in our care.  Below is a full list of our needs.  We appreciate your help!

Gerber Chicken and Gravy Baby Food
Quality Canned Puppy & Kitten Food
Quality Dry Puppy & Kitten Food
Extra Large or Giant Puppy Pads
Baby Wipes

Please drop off during business hours or mail to:
Animal Protection Society of Caswell County
836 County Home Road
Yanceyville, NC 27379

Thank you for your help and support!