Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic


UPDATE (25 July, 2020):  We were hoping to re-start the monthly low cost spay/neuter clinic, but with numbers affected by COVID-19 continuing to increase, safety guidelines set by state to slow the spread and concerns for the volunteers who help with the clinics, there is no way we can safely check-in clients, complete necessary paperwork for 30-40 animals, labeling, money exchange and load van in one hour, all the while ensuring safe distancing and everyone properly wearing face masks.

The clinic used in Greensboro is Humane Society of the Piedmont. You can make an appointment directly with them on their website and will need to provide your own transportation.  The fees charged will be different from what we charge at our clinic, and we have no control of prices but their fees still offer a significant savings over private vets.
Another option is the SNAP-NC van https://www.snap-nc.org/

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.