Little extra help for Wyatt

Wyatt came to our Shelter with issues of his rear legs.  He was already neutered and heart worm negative.  We knew that what ever was going on would cost a lot of money to fix.  We reached out to Dr. Quentin Hodges at Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary.

Dr. Hodges has helped us out on many occasions with dogs needing extensive treatment.

Dr. Hodges examined and determined he had Medial Luxating Patellas.  He will be needing two surgery’s.

If you would like to help Wyatt get back up and ready for his new family, please donate directly to Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary, NC for Wyatt’s care. Wyatt will have a wonderful life, pain free.

Many thanks to Dr. Hodges and all the wonderful staff at Carpenter Vet Hospital in Cary!!