Blessings and Thanks for Large Donation!

Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and in many ways and on Monday APS Caswell  Animal Shelter received a hug blessing of a $10,000 donation from anonymous donor!

Donations are at the heart of what helps us help the pets in our care.  Donations are used towards veterinarian care, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, food, and Shelter building updates which improve the care of the pets and so much more.

APS Caswell is a well-managed charity, where over 98% of the money that comes in goes to the mission of helping the animals; less than 2% goes to fundraising and administrative expense.

From the pets, Shelter staff and board members, thank you so very much!  All donations give us the ability to care, feed and provide  education and awareness.  We always appreciate any amount you can give, large or small.

Blessings to all this holiday season!