Fosters NEEDED!

Be a life saver and foster a dog or cat ~ we pay for EVERYTHING you need to care for them.

We are in dire need of fosters! We have NO ROOM at the shelter. More and more animals are being brought in as strays or surrender.

Fostering is SO rewarding and changes the pets life forever!  Be the change and foster!!

We are over capacity and we currently have dogs in boarding that will need to come back to us for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Your help is greatly needed!
1. Prepares a dog for life with a forever family.
2. Provides a calmer home environment for a stressed or anxious dog.
3. Helps us provide a clearer picture of what a dog is like so that the “perfect” match can be found.
4. Frees up shelter space.
5. Alleviates the cost of boarding when our shelter is full.
6. Provides an alternative to adoption if someone is unsure about making a long term commitment to adopt.
7. Make a HUGE difference in the life of a dog.
1. Food and any supplies needed.
2. Monthly preventions
3. Vet care
4. Support.
Complete an online application and indicate that what you wish to foster. (Dog or Cat)

Please help us save lives! Call 336-694-4921 for questions.