Adopted – Birdie!

Hooray for Birdie! This beautiful girl was adopted on Tuesday.

Her new dad drove from Bassett, VA to meet and adopt her.

We are so grateful that we have adopters willing to drive to our little shelter and adopt our animals. Our dogs and kitties are so lucky!

Happy Tails!

Congratulations to Birdie and her dad!

Adopted – Steely Dan!

Congratulations to Steely Dan and his new family!

We are so glad that he is going to a wonderful home in Franklinton. 

We are so happy for everyone!

Happy Tails!

Adopted – Homer!

Congratulations to Homer and his new family!

Homer was adopted and is starting his new life in Chapel Hill.

We are so happy for everyone!

Happy Tails!

Butters and Fancy heading home!

These two lucky kittens were recently adopted. Their names are now Butters and Fancy and they are going to have a great life with Gina and Cinde.

Both of these ladies have been so supportive of our Shelter!

We are so happy that they decided to adopt from us too!

Happy tails!

Reina gets adopted!!

Reina has been adopted! Many of you remember Reina’s story as she came to us in horrific shape. So many were part of her journey; her medical foster, Katelyn, Mebane Pet Clinic, and those of you who donated towards her surgery and medical care.

It all came together when this kind man took the day off from work and drove two hours to meet and adopt Reina. He recently lost his special girl of 14 years and his life and home were too quiet. He looked at all the dogs and chose her to be his new best friend and we couldn’t be happier for them both.

We wish Reina and her dad the happiest life ever! Stories like this one make all that we do worthwhile!

Thank you so much for adopting from APS Caswell!


Sweet Harley going home!

Harley’s new family!

Congratulations to Harley and her new family!!

Harley is such a fun and loving gal who will bring joy to all she meets!

Happy Tails Harley!

Thank you so much for adopting from APS Caswell!